Anchor Lead:
"Now-a-days when a downtown shop decides to close...
Most people would probably blame the economy...
Or the local Walmart for moving into town.
But this time it's a different story...
One about life, family, and time.
Newswatch12s Ryan Michaels explains."
Anchor Lead:
"You may have heard of a potential "bacon-demic".
Or how about the incoming "pork-astrophe"?
Should you be worried about a shortage of bacon?
Newswatch12's Ryan Michaels has the details on what's porking up the pot belly rumors."
Anchor Lead:
"Throughout the Northwoods you can find many small environments among the thick trees.
But one large expanse of land you wouldn't expect to find among the forest, has an uncertain future.
A future that YOU can even play a part in."
Anchor Lead:
"We may all be feeling the winter blues if the forecast holds true into Friday.
And our meteorologists here at the station are catching some COLD shoulders.
So we sent Meteorologist Ryan Michaels out into the Northwoods to try and smooth
over some of our recent "lack of spring" weather woes...."
Anchor Lead:
"The severe weather season seems to be off to a slow start in the Northwoods.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for when the weather takes a turn for the worse."
Anchor Lead:
"The woods are expansive here in the Northwoods, even in our own backyards.
Every now-and-again you may find something in the woods...
But what-if...what looked like trash....was really a piece of history?"
Anchor Lead:
"You may have been to a rodeo with cowboys and bulls...
But how about one with Forklifts...
Newswatch12's Ryan Michaels explains how Wausau Paper is
teaching safety skills to it's employees in a unique fashion."
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